My Vintage Computers Connection

Vintage computers. By some accounts the most comprehensive collection left on this planet.

Hi. Here you will find software, files, photos and outputs from a great collection of old computers dating back to the early 70s.

The collection was kept in  a time capsule for many, many years. The end result is that all the equipment works, and works well. It is interesting to compare these computers from the time when computers were exciting, innovative and amazing to now where computers are just like home appliances.

Included in this collection is MDOS, Microsoft’s original Operating system written in 1979 (have both technical and user’s manuals), most of Microsoft’s original CP/M documentation and all of Digital Research software, in original 8” diskettes.

There are two sets of photographs: hardware and software/documentation. The earliest is from the 1950s (IBM 1401 system documentation).

Click here to download vintage software collection written by myself using IBM assembler or C with executable code (IBM DOS or Windows Command prompt only)VintageDosSoftware.html


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