Peter’s stuff



Vintage DOS software

All this software was designed and written by Peter P. Vekinis.

96 Column software that made possible the ability to write on an IBM PC graphics screen up to 96 column characters.

BIOS Assembler library to enable people write C software accessing the IBM PC BIOS without hardware knowledge.

C Compiler for the Amstrad / Schneider 6128 personal computer.

Image, an advanced image processing software that offers convolutions and other features, now available in Photoshop and others. Written 20 years ago.

JET PV, a character based, BASIC language, Boeing 747 simulator.

Mail, a demonstration program, published in the British PCW magazine, explaining and illustrating how electronic mail programs work. Written back in the 80s (before the Internet!!!).

Workwriter, my word processing software patterned after the dedicated Lanier / AES Data word processor offered for the PCs, in an age when a dedicated word processor cost more than $20K.

IBM PC/DOS software written more than 20 years ago. All these programs are free for use and download by anyone. Email me your comments. Most of them written in C and IBM assembler. Click the image to download them.